New Beginnings

July 16, 2014

There comes a time in life when one has to…

Nah! You can do what you want anytime you feel like :)

Wassup guys! No code in this post, sorry. I’ve started doing a bunch of new stuff, just sharing my thoughts on some of it.

First off… I started a new job at DumaWorks. Goodbye Cellulant, we had good times. I’m doing Python here, with Django, some cool stuff. I realised you never really appreciate other programming languages until you start using them. Enjoying it so far, hope it stays that way.

Second… I’m learning to code for iOS (using Swift). Yes, I love Android, but I’ve never had the urge to write apps for it. I just love experiencing (and critiquing them). I’ll be an Android die-hard for life! Why iOS? Well… I want to learn something new, also, not many iOS devs in Kenya (at least that I know of, holla if you’re one, might need some tips). It’s also going to be a challenge for me, my first foray into mobile app development. I also want to prove to myself that apps with Good UX can come out of our beloved country.

I’ll try share as much of my experience with this as possible, as well as stuff that I learn along the way. Anything that I’m playing around with will be on my GitHub repo (muya).

Finally, I’m doing a revamp of my website, UI and UX changes, adding my portfolio, etc. Fixing up a few things (contact form will start working) while also refining my HTML, CSS & JS skills. It’s also a good chance to learn how to integrate to the social networks’ APIs

Yeah, so that’s some of the stuff I’m doing now. I hope to be able to write more now (got more time on my hands now :)