Yii Tutorial: Database Design & ERDs

August 7, 2012

This is the second part of the Yii tutorial. It covers the database design as well as the ERD for the project we are going to embark on.

The diagram below shows a basic ERD of the system. Only the major columns in the tables are shown in the diagram. There are other columns that are common to all the tables:

  • status(tinyint[3]) - describes the record’s entity state
  • dateCreated(datetime) - describes the date the record was inserted
  • insertedBy(int[11]) - the userID of the user who inserted the record
  • dateModified(datetime) - the date the record was last modified/updated
  • updatedBy(int[11]) - the userID of the user who last updated it

Student Portal Database ERD

More information about the table fields will be given as we use them.

You can download the SQL file needed to create the database.